athensI can’t really say and now I’m getting ready to leave. The food has been wonderful and the people even more so. The rest of the band is in no hurry to move on, but Eddie says there are gigs to do elsewhere, so onward we go. I’m caught up on postcards to back home and my laundry so I’m hoping to get some sightseeing done. Meanwhile Eddie informs me that this week’s recording of note is the 1982 release “Counting The Beat” by Swingers a trio headed up by Phil Judd (ex-Split Enz) on Mushroom records. This disc yielded 2 numbers that charted down under and was the only release for this band. They can be seen in the film musical “Starstruck”to which they also contributed some of the soundtrack material. The album is slightly bent pop of the first order with the horn duties falling to the fabulous Brecker Brothers with excellent results. My favorite tracks are “More” and “True or False” which starts off with a lilting mandolin chorus only to resolve into a variation on the melody to “Staying Alive” as the tune finishes up. Overall a very solid effort you should hear. I think we’re looking to pick up a couple of dates on the way to our next confirmed booking, but I’ll post you folks as soon as we get where we’re headed. Have a good day and take care. Image courtesy of


and obviously not a moment too soon for the likes of me. This show is the first in the series to feature music used for media purposes. Tracks for computer animation and film are featured and include:

1- The Digital Sea

2- Beat The Heat


4-Elbows 2

5- Elbows Outro

This is another all solo outing featuring me on synthesizer, drum machine, guitar and effects. The recordings date from 1984-1989. I’ll try to locate some active links that feature some of these works for viewing online. Meanwhile thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy this new program of material.  Here is another alpine outing photo for your amusement and be advised the Dozey Lumps are on their way in Show #10…..scheduled for recording this weekend so please stay tuned….more soon. 


is now available online for your listening pleasure, it’s titled “Idylls of the King” and dates from 1988. The piece is a four track work with me on electric guitar, synth, and drumbox/effects. On the update list: Episode #9 of At-The-Helm is in the can and headed for release in a week or so. Glenn my co-producer for this series, is back in action after knee surgery and feeling better every day, continued thanks to him. It’s an extremely warm day here so I’ll leave you with a photo of a cool rock with garnish. Thanks for stopping by………….more soon.


Word has reached me from afar that some wonderful musical stuff has been sent my way. Just the kind of music to share say ……in upcoming episodes of At-The-Helm. Meanwhile here’s another stormy photo from a recent ascent into the hills. Hope you have a good day, more soon. 


Yes at last the fabled Show#8 is up for your listening pleasure. It is another all solo outing from me in the third show of the California period featuring the following tracks:

New Conversations 1

New Conversations 2


Blue Laws

The Spoken Word

Slight Confusion

Wrong Number


As noted in the podcast this is a transitional episode for recording techniques in that 4 track recording will be replaced by stereo recordings of live and constructed loops with instrumental accompaniment. Both techniques are featured during this show.

 Production note: There is an extended period of silence after the track “Slight Confusion” that has presented itself in this show. Although unintended in nature this quiet has occurred during a week that has brought the news of the sudden passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends. In that spirit I offer those moments of silence in the memory of Charles R. James and extend my condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed by all those who knew him.    


Howdy folks.

A quick note on a hot day to say that Episode 7 of At-the-Helm is now up for your listening pleasure.

This is the second show from the California period (1986-87) and features the following tracks:

  • 3 Squares
  • Sunshower
  • They Learn To Talk
  • Canyon Shadows
  • Winky….
  • A Word From Our Sponsor

This show’s an all solo outing. A production note: The host of the program says there will be 5 pieces featured in the show, there are actually 6 tracks, he’s been spoken with about this and promises no more such nonsense in the future. Hope you can enjoy a listen and  thanks for stopping in.

clouds in the skyon this Fathers Day 2007. My best to all dads out there and a quick note that there’s a new short piece (minute and a half) up for listening now. The piece is titled “Cooloola”(circa 1988) and it comes from the upcoming Episode 8 of At-The-Helm. The local weather info says it’s 98 degrees F and it feels like it.

Much work to do this week including more music for podcasts so please do stay tuned for more updates and thanks for listening.

Swami BeachThat’s right, Episode #06 of At-The-Helm is now ready to be heard by one and all.

This show features solo material from late 1986 and early 1987 recorded in California, and includes the following tracks:

  •  Desert Aire   
  •  India Street
  •  Fixed Stare
  •  From Here
  •  Desert Kites
  •  One In A Million
  •  Tidal Pools

There’s a little bit of instrumental fun here for everyone, please do give it a listen and I think you’ll enjoy it when you do. Meanwhile much work to do, more soon. 

rivulet roadLooks as though there will be more before the day is done. Yesterday found me up on a ladder cleaning gutters from many months of elm deposits, today a free rinsing, that’s good timing for me. Work on flagstone pathways is about to commence for me(I’ll take a picture to share before and after). Show #6 will be up by Friday, working on #8 and final film music submissions also. Hope that you’ve had a chance to listen to some of At-The-Helm, if not please do. I have a couple of shorter pieces up( working on more) for those who just want a taste and don’t have much time. Meanwhile I’ve got work to do, thanks for reading and listening, more soon.

field and skyAfter a morning of surveying the debris field left from the strong winds of the past two days I’m happy to report no damage to any structures on properties I do landscaping work for. Any flimsy tree limbs are however now down for the count and headed for a roundup by the likes of me.

On the music front work continues on the score for Ian’s newest short film, final editing begins soon I’m told. As to the At-The-Helm podcast series, hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen in on show#5. Looking to post #6 midmonth here, which is where we’ll begin a look at a nine year period of work in southern California from 1986-1995. Solo, duet and trio configurations will be heard with acoustic and electric instruments and a growing amount of looping used amongst it all. We may also speak with old musical friends in lands far away about those days of yore in shows to come , so do please give it a listen and as always I welcome your comments. Have a good day!