now for your listening pleasure. This show is a live Bindlestiff concert recorded April 30th 1995 in San Diego CA  direct from the mixing board. It features the following tracks:

1- Short Circuit Circus

2- Fantasia

3- The Night Sky

4- Sleep It Off

5- Orbital Noon

6- The Night Sky 2

Thanks to Dave Stafford ( e-bow guitar, loops,effects, original recording engineer). Thanks also to Mr. John Goddard and family for hosting Dave and I for some of our performances during the years 1989-1995.  Copyright 2008 Helm/Stafford all rights reserved. This is the last show in this series from the California period and also the last live Bindlestiff concert to date. My thanks again to Dave for his work and to all the folks who came out to see us play live. Next episode it’s off to Colorado so please stay tuned. Featured photo is from the farm equipment show last summer. Thanks again for reading and listening and have a good week

Mikey and Meand still a lot to do, but progress on all fronts. The flagstone pathways are evolving, Show #8 was just recorded Friday for release later this month. Working on music for Show#10 with word that music is on the way for the beginning of the Dozey Lumps period shows which will prove a treat for all those who dare listen.

As a production note: when my good buddy Mike Monett took a break from his work rigging stadium set-up for the current Police tour and visited here ,we listened to some of Mike’s material from a few years back and decided to put one of his songs up for you to hear. Mike was one of the original members of Fez (See Show #4),  and he’s back on the Police tour now so do go check out his song “Maybe Tomorrow” for a taste of something different, and thanks again for visiting and listening. More soon. 

Biker-RockerEpisode Five is now available.

It includes music from 1986 at the conclusion of the Ohio period.
Biker/Rocker pictured here circa 1986.

Its an entirely solo venture , except for Mr. Bob Kelley* on drums where noted.

  • A Short Answer
  • To Miles
  • African Rain
  • Canada
  • Barney Hillage
  • Quantum Jump II *
  • ie

Fez  circa 1985

Welcome back folks and thanks for coming.
Episode #4 is up and available for your listening pleasure.

This one features tracks from 1979-1985 with four different groups:

Fukhedz, Ample Parking, Fez, and Nelson & Helm

  • Scared Fun- Fukhedz
  • Pop  –Ample Parking
  • Towing My Car Away-Ample Parking
  • Snorkles in Reverse-Fez
  • West of Kiddieland-Fez
  • Live Practice Excerpt-Nelson & Helm

Bryan Helm-Vocal
Mike Darrah-Guitar
Rick McCann-Drums

Ample Parking:
Bryan Helm-Lead Guitar, Vocal
Sarajane Helm-Keyboard
Jim Cunningham-Rhythm Guitar, Fretless Bass
Wally Mitchell-Percussion

Bryan Helm-Guitar, Vocal
Marshal Black-Bass
Jeff Buffer- Drums

Nelson & Helm
Gerald Nelson- Synthesizer & Drum Machine Programming, Rhythm Guitar
Bryan Helm-Lead Guitar

FezWith the exception of the original live recording of Scared Fun and the practice excerpt from Nelson & Helm, all other tracks featured this show were originally engineered by Jim Cunningham at Local Sound Studio in Columbus Ohio (Fez) or at Appalachian Studios in southern Ohio (Ample Parking). Many thanks to Jim  and all the people who I was lucky enough to play music with during my time in Ohio.
Special note: The photos  above are of the original lineup of Fez which was a quartet…then with Mr. Mike Monett.

Ample Parking at Crazy Mama'sHowdy Folks and welcome back. It’s been a busy week, but a productive one. Episode #4 of At-The-Helm is ready to go up Wednesday May 15th. Episode #5 is also ready but won’t appear till June 1st. Show#4 is the Ohio period band show and features me with 4 different groups over a period of 6 years or so from 1979-1985. I think you’ll find some fun listening at hand. I’ve dug up some pics of some of the other players and myself so be prepared to be amused by period fashion and more as we continue to review my life in sound. After show #5 we’ll be off to California for new adventures so stay tuned and thanks for listening

Ample Parking--the bandThe sun is shining, the birds are singing, springtime in the Rockies. Fresh snow above 8 thousand feet, flowers blooming right and left here down below those snow capped peaks.

I finished compiling the music yesterday for Episode #5 which features home studio work from 1986 and marks the end of the Ohio period Ample Parking–circa 1983(when dinosaurs roamed the earth before renting a U-Haul truck and driving to California). Here’s a couple of pics from those days, back when our band “Ample Parking” gigged out in local Columbus venues like Crazy Mama’s.  Jim Cunningham, Wally Mitchell, Sarajane and Bryan Helm; that’s us back in the ’80’s Ohio Indie Music scene.

Also currently working on a musical score for a short film by Ian Helm that should be done………….sometime soon. I supplied 2 pieces of music for his last film “Collywobbles” check your local short film festival for possible showings of that work.

Still on target for a midmonth May release of Episode #4 in the At-The-Helm podcast series. Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to listen to the shows so far, I hope you’re enjoying the music as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. Have a great day, more soon.