….available and features recordings of solo works from 1997. All instruments and vocals by Bryan Helm. Titles and starting times are as follows:

1- Mr. Crow 1    0:00
2- All The Rabbits   2:20
3- Sad For Today    4:41
4- Tales From Treehorn   9:19
5- Our Hearts Are All Around Us    13:12
6- Mr. Crow 2   17:44
7- Frost   23:14

Recorded live to tape by Bryan Helm. All right reserved by the artist  Mr.Crow 1&2 has a live guitar overdub. Photo from my paper route circa Jan-April 1997 Weld County Colorado. Please do give a listen , stay tuned for more and thanks for stopping in.


Howdy folks.

A quick note on a hot day to say that Episode 7 of At-the-Helm is now up for your listening pleasure.

This is the second show from the California period (1986-87) and features the following tracks:

  • 3 Squares
  • Sunshower
  • They Learn To Talk
  • Canyon Shadows
  • Winky….
  • A Word From Our Sponsor

This show’s an all solo outing. A production note: The host of the program says there will be 5 pieces featured in the show, there are actually 6 tracks, he’s been spoken with about this and promises no more such nonsense in the future. Hope you can enjoy a listen and  thanks for stopping in.

yellow flowerHere are the lyrics to “West of Kiddieland” by Bryan Helm and Marshal Black, music by Helm, Black & Buffer (Fez). As featured in Episode #4 of At-The-Helm. The events that inspired this bit of fun occurred at the Ohio State Fair in 1983.

“West of Kiddieland”

Staring at extremely yellow flowers

Electric giant condos for the cows

The chirping birdman whistles on for hours

Cannibal bugwoman on the prowl

You can ask a policeman for directions

But he just might tell you where to go

The jukebox always plays the same selection

The polka king will be the grandstand show

The vibrating pillows shake my spine, my wallet with the cost

The last thing I remember I was staring at some lambs ass now I’m lost

It’s your mistake to ride the nazi skyride

Or to drink water nine others have before

The parking lot is beautiful between tides

There’s cotton candy vomit on the shore

Headed to west of kiddieland

Searching for the promised helping hand

Hoping to finally understand

We are now alone to make this stand

Where the hell is kiddieland and how the hell do I get there from here

I’d trade my hot soft pretzel, my present,past and future for a beer

Headed to west of kiddieland

Searching for that promised helping hand

Hoping to finally understand

We are now alone to make this stand

Original recording from Jan.1985