December 2009

from beautiful Santa Catarina, Brazil !!!  What a beautiful place to find oneself on Christmas Eve.  It’s supposed to be in the low 90’s here today, quite the difference from the expected high of 20 back home in Colorado.  We’re due to leave here by Tuesday next week to make the big New Years Eve gig on Thursday, but I’m in no hurry and neither is Hank or Harold.  Speaking of back home-the elf in charge of my website (spelled Sarajane)  informs me that all the pages have been revamped to load faster and the mosaics page has new photos also, so please do check it out and let me know how it’s working, many thanks to her for all her hard work on this and many other matters in the past year. Mr. Ersatz has requested that the recording of note this week be “A Testimonial Dinner”  The Songs of XTC by various artists released in 1995 on Thirsty Ear Recordings. This is a great collection of tunes performed by 11 different artists/bands in a variety of styles with due respect to the original versions accorded. Eddie and I agree though that the version of “Dear God” here by Sarah McLachlan is worth the price of admission alone, a stunning cover by any measure you choose.  Again my thanks to the folks at for the travel images featured on this tour, please check out their site for more fun stuff.  Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season to all my friends and family wherever you might be and thanks to all of you who have stopped by to read and listen…more soon.

within a stately building dating to the 1850’s. There are no dining facilities in the hotel but there’s a place that serves great tapas on the way to the club we’re playing at that works just fine. Paraguay is warm and wet so far, and very green.  I hope to visit the botanic gardens nearby to see even more plants of the region. Eddie says the next gig in Brazil has added an extra night to the contract which makes his day. He also said this week’s recording of note is “The Dreaming” by Kate Bush released in 1982 on EMI in America. This collection of tunes is an amazing showcase of vocal prowess amidst lyric and musical power and grace. There is a clarity and “punch” to this album that he believes excels above any of her other recorded works to date, not to slight any of them but this is a true gem. Eddie’s right,every track on this disc is a winner, give it a listen I think you’ll like what you hear.  There’s no show this evening so I think I’ll see if Hank and Harold are up to doing  dinner before I get on with doing my laundry…ahhh show biz!  Seasons Greetings to all of you back home and loyal reader/listeners everywhere. More soon…meanwhile thanks again to for the scenic travel images used for this “tour”.

in Japan, but the local hot springs are one of the nicest features of any stop so far on this tour. Also the people here have been so friendly and helpful. I had a broken latch on my accordion case that the hotel recommended a local man to repair and he did a wonderful job for a minimal fee with no waiting. The shows have been going well, Eddie even seems happy although he’s a bit under the weather (spelled Saki) today. But that’s okay cause we don’t ship out till Friday (for S. America) , and I have an alternate media choice for this weeks music pick. My oldest son Ian has just made available on-line to view, a copy of his student film “Collywobbles” from 2006. I contribute the musical selections for this film which I think you’ll find amusing. Be forewarned this short film features puppet on puppet violence. You can view it at the link listed below. Hope all you folks are having a safe and happy holiday season so far, my best to all of you and thanks again for checking in on me. Thanks to the boys at for the travel images. More soon…..