September 2008

…or listening as it were.Episode 28 in this series features some solo tracks recorded at home during 2002 and 2003. Titles and start times are as follows:

 1- SCN #1  00:00
 2- Futile Fanfare  03:03
 3- Around The Horn  04:35
 4- Letter From Home  07:54
 5- The Shiny Deep  11:51
 6- It’s The Vicar….Not The Bishop  13:56
 7- The Time It Takes  19:06
 8- You Might Not Ever Get Home  20:58
 9- Iron Killed The Fairies  22:15
10- SCN #2  26:09

All music performed and recorded by Bryan Helm.All rights reserved by the artist  Drum and bass loop sample on track #8 uses a Yamaha DTEXpress digital drum preset.  The drums, piano, and lapsteel will all be increasing their musical roles in the remaining shows in this series, which I hope to conclude by years end. Thanks to all of you for listening, enjoy the music and have a good day.  Photo from harvest time a few years back…down the road.

… or the ” I’m not quite dead yet” memo for those of you regular readers and listeners. As usual the month of August was almost fatal but not, however it did cause a delay in the release schedule for the At-The-Helm podcast series. My apology for the delay. Show #28 is completed and ready to go as soon as I work out the details of needing more room to store these next 7 episodes . Having gone past my original anticipated 24 shows, keeping all 34 in the same easy to use format will require doubling my expense for the chosen site, an unfortunate aspect for one as fiscally challenged as myself. At any rate I hope to make this adjustment in the next week or so and continue onwards to the end of the series. The upcoming episodes will be featuring some new instrumentation (piano, lap steel) and some different percussion and synthesizer stuff to boot so do stay tuned I think you’ll enjoy the music. If you should find yourself motivated to contribute funds toward and/or comments about this series, please feel free to e-mail me at . In the meantime here’s a photo of me holding my most recent musical mosaic sculpture titled “The Little Blue Glass Guitar” which is now in the private collection of Mr. Jim Cunningham of Columbus Ohio. Again thanks for stopping by, and have a good day.