March 2008

utah8-95.jpg now uploaded for your listening pleasure. This is an all solo show starting with one last track from California then moving on to six selections from 1996 recorded in Colorado in my basement studio.

1- Silver Lining (3-2-95)

2- An Evening Breeze- 3:02

3- Boot With Love- 8:39

4- How Was I To Know- 13:15

5- Bob’s Your Uncle- 18:30

6- While Rome Burns- 22:33

7- Autumn Light- 26:20

All tracks performed and recorded by Bryan Helm live to tape except #4 which has a live keyboard over a taped 11 string guitar track (free range tuning). All rights reserved by the artist. Please note starting times for tracks now listed for episodes #17 and up. Photo from near the Nevada/Utah state line August 1995. Today is my 50th birthday so sicerest thanks and best wishes to all those who’ve taken the time to enjoy this series so far,  I look forward to completing this musical tour of my past as this year winds on. Please have a great weekend and look for more here soon.


…..Spring is just a week away.  A few odds and ends to talk about: First there has been a change at the My Life in Sound podcast page. I’ve taken 6 of the short musical numbers and relocated them to my MySpace page where they will be available to hear and download for a short while longer. I’m beginning to arrange it so only the At-The-Helm podcast series will be available at that site eventually but to also showcase some shorter/newer works in the process, hence the roatation  I have also been asked to post starting times during the episode for the listed tunes since it’s all one big show now with no introductions for each. I’ll do this from here out and also update the info for episodes -17.18 & 19. Hope to have show #20 up in a week or so, meanwhile there’s a St. Patrick’s day musical treat coming later today for all who’d like to listen. Don’t worry no monkeys were harmed in this effort, have a good weekend!


now for your listening pleasure. This show is a live Bindlestiff concert recorded April 30th 1995 in San Diego CA  direct from the mixing board. It features the following tracks:

1- Short Circuit Circus

2- Fantasia

3- The Night Sky

4- Sleep It Off

5- Orbital Noon

6- The Night Sky 2

Thanks to Dave Stafford ( e-bow guitar, loops,effects, original recording engineer). Thanks also to Mr. John Goddard and family for hosting Dave and I for some of our performances during the years 1989-1995.  Copyright 2008 Helm/Stafford all rights reserved. This is the last show in this series from the California period and also the last live Bindlestiff concert to date. My thanks again to Dave for his work and to all the folks who came out to see us play live. Next episode it’s off to Colorado so please stay tuned. Featured photo is from the farm equipment show last summer. Thanks again for reading and listening and have a good week