January 2008


and available for listening. Sorry for the delay but hopefully a double dose will help, and a matched pair at that.

Both shows feature the work of Bindlestiff. First we’ll hear selections from the CD “Quiet”

 in show #15 and then selections from “Loud” in #16.


1- Continental Division

2- Spiral Ginger/Descent

3- Signs of Spring

4- Who is Number One?

5- Into Blue

and then #16

 1- Suspend Your Disbelief

2- Passage by Day

3- Suddenly Nothong Happens

4- Fantasia

5- Thunderous Voice

 Selections from both discs recorded in 1994-95 in Escondido CA, at Studio Seventeen. Engineered by Dave Stafford. All titles copyright 2000 (the universe) Helm/Stafford.For more info please visit At-The-Helm.US and click on the specific CD cover icon or go to the Pure Ambient lisiting in the links section for more info still. Thanks for your patience in listening and I hope you enjoy these new selections. The photo is from last summer in RMNP in Colorado, a double bill of it’s own sort. More music soon, have a good day!


should be the title of this post. My apologies to all interested listeners of the At-The-Helm podcast series for the lack of a new episode in some time. As soon as I get shows 15 & 16 back from the editor I’ll most likely post them both. There will be a slight change in format coming with #17 which is also the halfway point in the series, but more about that later. Meanwhile thanks for your patience, more music soon.


Though there is a short glitch in the production schedule for the at-the-helm series which will hopefully work itself out this weekend. The next few shows will feature work from the late California period both solo and duet so please do check back. Today’s photo is a view out to sea from atop the bluffs at Torrey Pines State Park near San Diego CA taken around 1995.