December 2007


 With solstice coming this weekend and all the other days of note at years end, I wanted to say thanks to all of you who’ve taken the time to read this blog and listen to the at-the-helm podcast series. With 14 episodes now up we’re at about halfway as best as I can figure. Music for shows 15-18 is ready and I hope to have the first of those programs up for listening come January. Looks like there will be an interview show and also an extended length program featuring a live concert recording coming in the new year so please do check back.For now I’ll leave you with this festive image and best wishes for you and yours in this and the new year.


Just in time for the holidays it’s show#14 up and running. This program contains five tracks from the CD “Early” by Bindlestiff, some of the earliest works by Dave and I including:

1- Ariel Adrift

2- Parade Rest

3- Dos Vedanya, Tanya

4- Cartesian Dualism

5- More Earth than Sea

It’s all live in the studio with loops, guitars, and synthesizers by Bindlestiff. Engineered by Dave Stafford. For more specific gear info go to The weather has been up and down this week (72 degrees with 75 mph wind gusts on tuesday this week, snow today (fri)) so as a nod to the promise of the future here is a pic from last spring of natures determination to loop itself. Thanks for stopping by, please give a listen and have a good day.