October 2007


It’s the second show featuring the guitar duet known as the Dozey Lumps playing live in the studio circa 1992. Six pieces are featured:

1-  Just Like Fog (Light Swaths)

2-  Never A Dual Moment

3-  Wistful Thinking

4-  Mem 5 Watercan

5-  Hole In My Head

6-  Perelandra

Again as stated in my last blog post, for your quickest link to these podcasts go to at-the-helm.us. My thanks again to Dave Stafford who engineered, produced and lent his kind permission to share the ‘Lumps” with the world. We hope you enjoy hearing this music as much as we enjoyed making it The photo today is from the early 90’s outside lovely Los Vegas Nevada in the Red Rocks BLM area, watch out for wild burros!


sunny breezy fall sunday. Shows 11,12 and 13 are done and ready to present over the next 6 weeks or so and the music files for show #14 are also ready. For those of you keeping score at home please note that starting with Show #10 there is new intro/outro music for At-The-Helm. It’s a little solo ditty called “Funky Orbits” recorded live in the studio circa 1995 . If you haven’t heard Episode 10 yet please do give it a listen. Show #11 is scheduled for release next sunday.