September 2007


This show is the first to feature the music of the Dozey Lumps, A six string steel acoustic/electric guitar duet consisting of Dave Stafford and myself playing in the New Standard Tuning. Features the following tracks recorded from 1989 to 1991

1- Languid

2- Not Bloody Likely

3- Prebendary

4- Mutant Strain

5- Caithness

6- The Canteloupe Terrain

This music was recorded live in the studio seventeen studios in southern California. It is from the CD titled “One Lump Or Two” The Dozey Lumps copyright 1999 (the world) Bryan Helm/Dave Stafford. My thanks to Dave for his engineering and musical expertise and kind permission to share these works with all of you, I hope you enjoy them. Please visit for more info. Don’t worry it’s not snowing yet but these “lumpish” looking snow covered rocks from a couple years back seemed a good image to leave you with on this beautiful fall day.  Enjoy the season.

to start out the fall season here. Things look good for the appearance of Episode 10 of At-The-Helm later this week, with  shows 12 &13 scheduled to be recorded soon also. Thanks to those of you who have posted comments about the series, I appreciate your taking time to explore these collected works so far. Speaking of work here’s another photo from my recent outing to the antique farm equipment show.  More from me soon meanwhile hope you have a good day.


…of Episode 09 of AT-The-Helm has revealed a sharp contrast between the playback volume of the music and the spoken word segments (talk being very quiet in comparison). My apologies for this situation, it will have to stand for the time being.  The matters that brought it to be are being addressed so as to avoid a repeat of the cause in the future.  Thanks for your patient interest in this series.


… for the mountains. Please  note that I have not been spelling my co-producer’s  name correctly, it is supposed to read Glenn Stebelton, my apologies . Have a good day. Photo from RMNP.


and obviously not a moment too soon for the likes of me. This show is the first in the series to feature music used for media purposes. Tracks for computer animation and film are featured and include:

1- The Digital Sea

2- Beat The Heat


4-Elbows 2

5- Elbows Outro

This is another all solo outing featuring me on synthesizer, drum machine, guitar and effects. The recordings date from 1984-1989. I’ll try to locate some active links that feature some of these works for viewing online. Meanwhile thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy this new program of material.  Here is another alpine outing photo for your amusement and be advised the Dozey Lumps are on their way in Show #10…..scheduled for recording this weekend so please stay tuned….more soon. 


but it still feels like summer. My apologies for the non appearance of Episode #9  of At-The-Helm last month, please rest assured it is coming very soon, along with some other good stuff I’ve been working on. Also working on the closing theme to Ian’s new short film “Omegastop” which he’s editing again now. So lots more soon.  in the meantime a photo from last Friday’s outing to the antique farm equipment show. Have a good holiday folks!