July 2007


Yes at last the fabled Show#8 is up for your listening pleasure. It is another all solo outing from me in the third show of the California period featuring the following tracks:

New Conversations 1

New Conversations 2


Blue Laws

The Spoken Word

Slight Confusion

Wrong Number


As noted in the podcast this is a transitional episode for recording techniques in that 4 track recording will be replaced by stereo recordings of live and constructed loops with instrumental accompaniment. Both techniques are featured during this show.

 Production note: There is an extended period of silence after the track “Slight Confusion” that has presented itself in this show. Although unintended in nature this quiet has occurred during a week that has brought the news of the sudden passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends. In that spirit I offer those moments of silence in the memory of Charles R. James and extend my condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed by all those who knew him.    

minkey13.jpgA short ambient track titled “Last Day of School” is now available for listening. Recorded live to tape in the studio June 2nd 1998, it features me on synthesizer and loops. something slow on a hot afternoon. Meanwhile the search continues for Show#8 of At-The-Helm, an earlier sighting (see above photo) proved to be a false alarm, I remain hopeful. More soon, have a good day folks. 

As with many summer travel schedules ,the At-The-Helm podcast series is experiencing unexpected delays in making Episode 8 available for your listening pleasure. The week ahead should hold the answer to this bit of bother hopefully, so I do ask that you stay tuned and I’ll get it going ASAP. Meanwhile –the heat has returned,  so stay cool and thanks for checking in.

Mikey and Meand still a lot to do, but progress on all fronts. The flagstone pathways are evolving, Show #8 was just recorded Friday for release later this month. Working on music for Show#10 with word that music is on the way for the beginning of the Dozey Lumps period shows which will prove a treat for all those who dare listen.

As a production note: when my good buddy Mike Monett took a break from his work rigging stadium set-up for the current Police tour and visited here ,we listened to some of Mike’s material from a few years back and decided to put one of his songs up for you to hear. Mike was one of the original members of Fez (See Show #4),  and he’s back on the Police tour now so do go check out his song “Maybe Tomorrow” for a taste of something different, and thanks again for visiting and listening. More soon. 


Howdy folks.

A quick note on a hot day to say that Episode 7 of At-the-Helm is now up for your listening pleasure.

This is the second show from the California period (1986-87) and features the following tracks:

  • 3 Squares
  • Sunshower
  • They Learn To Talk
  • Canyon Shadows
  • Winky….
  • A Word From Our Sponsor

This show’s an all solo outing. A production note: The host of the program says there will be 5 pieces featured in the show, there are actually 6 tracks, he’s been spoken with about this and promises no more such nonsense in the future. Hope you can enjoy a listen and  thanks for stopping in.