April 2007

Ample ParkingHello again. 

Episode 3 is ready to review, if it passes inspection I’ll upload it to be available first of May.

It’s the second show about the music store period and features the following:

  • Inca Freeway
  • The Hawk
  • Sign And Symbol
  • Centrifical Force*

The first 3 are solo pieces , the fourth features Bob Kelly* on drums.The first track is one of the first pieces I did using a EH 16 second Digital Delay (in delay mode) . A photo of the delay was featured last podcast, still looking for a picture of Cowboy Bob. Tracks for Episode#4 are ready to finish now so please stay tuned and thanks for listening. 

Hi again, Working on finishing Episode #3 this weekend, listening to tracks for possible use in #4………………blasts from the past. More soon.

ElectroHarmonix 16 Second Digital DelayJust a quick note to say that Episode Two is now up for your listening pleasure. This is the first of two shows dedicated to The Music Store Years. Thats where I met “Cowboy” Bob Kelley* and aquired my Electro Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay. Episode Two features 6 pieces of music including two with Bob.

  • Saturday Samba
  • Nashville Godzilla*
  • You Are Confused*
  • Circus Peanuts
  • Second Chance
  • Cranky

When not busy selling saxaphone reeds to band students, we had time to play…but not much. Never enough, but still– the two years I worked at the music store yielded some interesting recordings which are featured on this and the next Episode of My Life In Sound.

cloud2a.jpg–“Cloud Silence*”

Music from 1981-1982
Three solo pieces by Bryan Helm and one duet with Jim Cunningham*.

  • Pressure Assemblages
  • Fat Man
  • UHF *
  • They Learn To Talk

Cloud Silence “Late Start”Visit http://at-the-helm.us Hi and welcome to my blog. I’ve just made my first podcast available for downloading and hope that you’ll take the opportunity to give it a listen. It’s the first in what will be a 24 part series of podcasts exploring music I’ve been involved with making over the past 25+ years. 

My co-producer Glenn Stebleton and I are hoping to bring you a lot of music and a little talk in this series as we go through my collected recordings. We just finished Episode 2 which will be up directly,and which we think is even better than #1. Please let us know how you feel about the series and thanks for listening.

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